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Thank you for working with Mississippi law enforcement agencies to assist them through the transition to NIBRS!  

Mississippi does not require any state-specific technical specifications at this time. 

Please note Miss. Code. Ann. § 45-27-9 does require “any criminal justice department or agency making an expenditure in excess of Five Thousand ($5,00.00) in any calendar year on software or programming upgrades concerning a computerized records management system or jail management system shall ensure that the new or upgraded system is formatted to Department of Justice approved XML format and that no impediments to data sharing with other agencies or department exist in the software programming.”   

Mississippi will follow all guidelines provided by the FBI.  Please utilize this  documentation  link to access the most current documentation supporting NIBRS crime data submissions. 

If you have questions about NIBRS for the FBI, they may be reached via email at 

You may also contact us  for any assistance.

We look forward to working with you! 



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