Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Question: What is NIBRS?

    Answer: NIBRS stands for National Incident-Based Reporting System.  This system collect crime data through the FBI's UCR Program.


     2. Question: I heard the UCR Program is going away?

    Answer: You are not alone!  The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program is not going away. One of the data collections, Summary Reporting System (SRS) within  the UCR Program will end with the transition to a NIBRS-only data collection by January 1,2021


    3. Question: How does our agency begin this transition process to NIBRS?

    Answer:  Great question!  The FBI has provided a "The Road to NIBRS" section on their website which outlines the steps to reach certification to NIBRS.  If you have a Records Management System (RMS), check with your vendor to see if your system can be compliant with NIBRS. Don't have a RMS?   Agencies who are NIBRS certified continue to share with others about vendor experiences, challenges and success with transiting to NIBRS.   Also,  please let us know if you are planning to transition so we can share new information with you!  


    4.  Question: What about funding opportunities?

    Answer: Grant opportunities may be available through the Division of Public Safety Planning's Office of Justice Program.  As other opportunities become available, we will provide an update.


    5. Question:  How can we submit incident-based reports without a Records Management System (RMS)? 

    Answer:  Some agencies might not experience  a large volume of incidents each month.  The repository will have the ability for you to enter incident-based reports through the Incident Editor.  Contact us for more information.





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