NIBRS Manuals and More

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Mississippi's state-level repository- MS Crime Insight will implement the  most current documentation to support the NIBRS crime data submissions:

  • Law Enforcement Agency Incident-Based Reporting Playbook : Guide to Implementing an IBR System - This playbook is intended to assist local law enforcement (LE) agencies with incorporating NIBRS in their records management system (RMS).
  • 2019.2 NIBRS Technical Specification  -  Most current release and recommended baseline for NIBRS 2021, applicable as of May 7,2020.
  • 2019.2 NIBRS XML Developer's Guide Provides information neccesary to create proper UCR NIBRS Extensible Markup Language (XML) data submissions.  Intended for use in conjunction with the 2019.2 NIBRS IEPD and 2019.2 NIBRS User Manaual.
  • 2021.1 NIBRS User Manual Addresses NIBRS policies, the types of offenses reported via NIBRS, and guidelines for an agency to become certified to submit NIBRS data to the FBI and the state-level repository.  Aligns with the 2019.2 NIBRS Technical Specification and 2019.2 NIBRS XML Developer's Guide.
  • NIBRS XCOTA Tool (zip) -   The NIBRS XCOTA (XML Conformance Testing Assistant) Tool is designed to assist agencies and vendors in testing sample XML files during the development phase to gauge the accuracy of the output product before submitting data to the FBI. It performs XML schema validation, as well as NIBRS business rule checks. Please note, the NIBRS XCOTA Tool is only intended to support agencies during their development effort and cannot be used for formal NIBRS certification.
  • UCR-NIBRS WS ICD - Outlines the specification of requirements imposed on one or more systems, subsystems, hardware configuration items, computer software configuration items, manual operations, or other system components to achieve one or more interfaces among these entities. The UCR-NIBRS Web Services (WS) Interface Control Document (ICD) is compatible with both 2019.1 NIBRS Technical Specification and NIBRS Technical Specification 3.2.1. The purpose of NIBRS WS is to foster machine-to-machine communication for the complex, multi-stage, round-trip business process of NIBRS submissions. NIBRS WS will shorten the communication cycle between law enforcement agencies’ systems and the FBI’s UCR system and streamline the re-submission of reports to redrNIBRS Pre-Certification Tool (PCT) Loginess errant data. Ultimately, NIBRS WS will improve the quality of the UCR repository and make validated crime data accessible in a timelier manner.
  • Mississippi Information Exchange Package Documentation  (IEPD) Files - **Must use Mississippi's documentation to upload to the state repository. A collection of files and folders that define the rules for creating a NIBRS submission file to the state-level repository in .XML format. Please use this file when preparing to create submission for the State Repository. The XML format  is recommended by the FBI  for agencies who are setting up a new Records Management System. However, Mississippi and the FBI will accept both flat files and XML files.
  • NIBRS Training Modules -  Instructions on how to access the NIBRS training modules available through a Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) account..  To register for an account click here: CJIS.




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