NIBRS Training - Available to Law Enforcement Agencies

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  • MS NIBRS is pleased to announce that we are now offering in-person training. If you would like to register for one of our trainings, please email us at
    • Our training courses are:
      • NIBRS 101: Introduction to NIBRS: What is NIBRS? What does it do? Why do law enforcement agencies in Mississippi have to have it? This class will answer all of these questions and much more. This is an eight (8) hour basic introductory level class for anyone who needs the foundations of NIBRS or just a refresher course. Participants will learn NIBRS offense definitions, codes, and classification, NIBRS data elements and their requirements, and helpful tips for understanding NIBRS. This course is the individual(s) responsible for submitting your agency NIBRS data.
      • Insight to Crime Insight: This productive one (1) hour online training will show you how to select a wide variety of report content to assist your agency with data quality checks and more.  This training is great for agencies at any stage of transitioning to NIBRS or NIBRS certified agencies.  
      • NIBRS Report Writing: The first step to accurate NIBRS report data is detailed report writing. NIBRS Report Writing is an eight (8) hour interactive class that will cover report writing for NIBRS data collection. Participants will learn what information is needed in reports to assist in reporting accurate NIBRS data. A basic review of NIBRS offenses and codes will be discussed as well. This class is for any individual in your agency who reviews and approves reports. Attendees will also have the opportunity to review reports as well as develop their own for reference based off of videos and famous crimes.
  • Online NIBRS training videos are available through Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP).  Please visit   to apply for a LEEP account (access limited) or sign in to view the NIBRS training videos.


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