Incident Editor

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Are you a smaller contributing agency needing to utilize a web-based portal to enter your incident-base reports?   The Incident Editor provides the function to submit incidents directly into the repository.  The Incident Editor feature is especially useful as a cost-effective alternative to agencies without a full NIBRS compliant Report Management System (RMS)*. 

How does it work?  Law enforcement agencies can  enter a Group A or Group B Incident. 



                                                        *This a part of the State-level Repository and does not take the place of a Report Management System. 


The incident editor interface walks the user through all fields and segments that require completion and provides alert window notifications if the user is attempting to process an invalid submission with missing data.  Mandatory fields are marked with a"*".

Incident Editor: Group A Offense




Incident Editor: Group B Arrestee





Incident Editor: Zero Report


Only the required NIBRS data submission as outlined in the FBI's 2019.2 User Manual and 2019.2 Technical Specifications Guide is captured. 

Mississippi does not require any state-specific information at this time. 











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