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The Mississippi State-Level Repository is now certified and agencies will contact the state once they are ready to begin the certification process. More information on the certification process can be found under the Certification Tab.


MS Crime Stats


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Mississippi's State-Level Repository will be known as Mississippi Crime Insight.  Mississippi Crime Insight will allow law enforcement agencies to:

  • Upload incident-based crime data to the repository through its web interface.
  • Review a detailed error report that is returned shortly after data is uploaded.
  • Resubmit files.
  • Contributing agencies can view their crime data in a series of reports on the law enforcement agency site.
  • Smaller contributing agencies will  have the availability to utilize the Incident Editor to easily add or edit single incidents.

MS Crime Insight will also automatically:

  • Validate uploaded files.
  • Prepares files for submission to the FBI.
  • Consolidates errors identified by Crime Insight and the FBI.

MS Crime Insight consists of three (3) different sites managed by the MS NIBRS Division to assist agencies with the uploading and submission of files:

  • The Test Site- used for agencies and vendors to upload and review files for any warnings or errors before submitting them to the state for certification or monthly submissions.
  • The Certification Site- is only used by agencies in testing to upload files while going through the certification process.
  • The Production Site-is where all monthly submissions are uploaded by NIBRS certified agencies. 

**Please Note: Access to these sites, will only be granted once agencies complete and return the MS NIBRS Law Enforcement Agency Contact/Modification Form.




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